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Tilastokeskuksen etusivulle

Remote Access to Research Data


Statistics Finland's service for researchers

The statistical microdata (unit-level data) compiled by Statistics Finland can be used for scientific research and statistical surveys. The data can be accessed remotely, in the Statistics Finland research laboratory, or in special cases, as material delivered to your own organisation.

This guide provides information about using the research data sets and the SISU microsimulation model remotely. This guide is for you if you use enterprise-level or individual-level research data or the microsimulation model through the remote access system. No prior knowledge is required. This guide is also useful for experienced users.

The first section covers the research data subject to user licences and the SISU microsimulation model in general. Next, the guide provides information about the laws and data protection requirements regarding research data use, as well as statistical disclosure control methods for tabular data. Examples are provided to illustrate how data protection must be applied to results before publication. Finally, the guide explains the research data application process, agreement practices and good practices for remote access.

Guide contents

Think first – a good guiding principle for researchers

Good thinking may save you much time and effort. Thinking is encouraged by Matti Sarvimäki, who works as a senior researcher at Aalto University and the VATT Institute for Economic Research. He has made a list of good things to note – and even post as house rules – for researchers planning to use research data:

1.    Think first.
2.    Implement an effective project management strategy.
3.    Prepare training data for yourself.
4.    Write efficient code.
5.    Monitor (your) resource use.
6.    Run big batches over the weekend or at night.
7.    Give feedback.
8.    Only request the necessary results from the remote access system.

You can read his full speech here:

Did you know?

There were 1,590 valid user licences for the Research Services at the end of 2020. The number of valid licences increased by 558 from 2018.
Source: Statistics Finland